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Learn to Better Use Your Intuition

Have you ever had the feeling that something was going to happen, or that you should or shouldn’t do something? That feeling may have been your intuition speaking to you, but if you aren’t familiar with how it works, you may ignore it or dismiss it as just some random thought popping into your head.

Our intuition isn’t just an old wives’ tale; science backs up its existence as well as ways to better tap in. If you want to learn how to better use your intuition and trust in your instincts, then keep reading and find out more about  why we should all strive to be more intuitive thinkers.

What is intuition?

Intuition is your ability to know something without conscious thought or reasoning. For example, you can be driving and see a car in your rearview mirror that just doesn’t look right—without knowing why, you pull over immediately only to see it pass you and rear end the car that was in front of you. While intuition may seem like a mystical sense, it’s actually your own internal guidance system. By learning how to tap into it effectively, you can benefit from its wisdom and make better decisions.

If you want to learn how to better use your intuition, you need to understand how it works. Like any other sense, intuition doesn’t work in a vacuum—it relies on outside stimuli for information. This means that what you hear, smell, taste, touch and see will all factor into its messages to your brain. The trick is knowing how to decode its messages properly so that you can accurately interpret them. Learning about your intuition helps you better readjust messages so that they are more meaningful to you personally.

How do you improve your intuition?

Improving your intuition starts with understanding it. Keep in mind that intuition is about more than just knowing what’s going on. It’s about tapping into something larger than ourselves and seeing how it intersects with our everyday lives. On a day-to-day basis, we must learn how to trust in ourselves and believe in what we see—no matter how insignificant or confusing it may seem at first glance. A good place to start is by surrounding yourself with positive people who support your growth and development as an intuitive person.

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It is important to note that intuition is about more than just divination. While it can be useful in helping you find answers or providing clarity, your intuition is all around you and available at all times. To tap into it, try taking time each day for quiet reflection. When you shut out distractions and focus inward, your intuitive senses will naturally open up and allow information to flow freely.

Another way to improve your intuition is through meditation. When you meditate, you’re essentially allowing your inner voice to take center stage and communicate directly with you. It’s easy to feel lost in thought while meditating but remember that practice makes perfect—and each session will bring you one step closer to better understanding your intuition. If possible, try integrating mediation into your daily life by setting aside some time each day to quiet down, relax and tune into yourself.

There are also some great tools that can help you hone your intuition and hone into your hunches: journaling and drawing mind maps are two examples of ways that allow us to explore our intuitive thoughts and jot down what we’re sensing. If you do these activities over time, you’ll likely get better at intuiting things before they happen (which will make for fewer unpleasant surprises).

How do you recognize your intuition?

Intuition is usually in our gut, in how we feel. The more you learn about how it works and give yourself opportunities to practice listening to your intuition, it becomes easier to recognize. For example, many people report feeling sick when they get a bad vibe from someone at work or get an uneasy feeling about a situation—that’s likely intuition kicking in. Remember that intuition can come in many forms—whether it’s a gut feeling, random encounter, or moment of clarity—it is always there waiting for us when we need it most.

As you make progress, don’t be surprised if synchronicities start popping up in your life more frequently.

Synchronicities are a way to help keep you on track and alert you when you may need guidance. Remember that intuition can come in many forms—whether it’s a gut feeling, random encounter, or moment of clarity—it is always there waiting for us when we need it most

In order to properly use your intuition, you need to trust yourself first. It’s not an easy task when we have been taught from a young age that answers need to be found outside of ourselves. The truth is that trusting ourselves is what we were always meant to do.  By learning how to trust yourself and embrace your inner knowing, your intuition will flourish!

Be Kind To Yourself

This is probably my most important tip of all! Learning how to use your intuition takes time… A LOT of time! So many of us are our own worst critics; we don’t even give ourselves a chance before letting out our first negative thought or judgment about what has happened or what might happen next.

We’re not trained to pay attention to our intuition, or even encouraged to do so. We’re taught that there are certain things we should be feeling (or not feeling) based on what’s happening around us.

And that if something doesn’t make sense in a particular situation, then there must be something wrong with us. Don’t go back and forth about whether something should feel a certain way or shouldn’t. If your gut is telling you one thing is true, but everyone else is saying otherwise…trust yourself. It takes years of practice, but eventually you will get better at knowing when it’s time to trust yourself versus when it isn’t.

I am by no means an expert on using my intuition; I am however absolutely passionate about learning how to use it effectively! Not only has understanding my intuition helped me more fully understand who I am as a person, but also how others think & react around me. ~~ Trusting my own feelings helps me learn how to better read other people’s feelings towards me/others/the world in general.

When our bodies respond differently than we might expect, that’s our intuition telling us that something isn’t right. And if what you’re feeling just doesn’t add up for whatever reason, don’t ignore those intuitive nudges. Listen to yourself—your body knows best.

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