How Solo Travel Changed My Life

In recent years, solo travel has become a mainstay of my existence. In fact, I’ve been to more countries in one year than I had in my entire life. While traveling alone can make you a little nervous at first, it’s also a great way to focus on yourself and learn about your own comfort level when it comes to living in a new place. I never planned to travel by myself, but when my partner and I separated halfway through the planning process, I had no choice. And it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Solo travel has led me to new places and people that have enriched my life immeasurably. Now whenever anyone asks if they should take a trip alone, I always say yes. Some things you’ll learn along the way will surprise you—and that’s a good thing! Here are some awesome benefits of traveling solo that might encourage you to do it too.

Solo travel has led me to new places and people that have enriched my life immeasurably.

Before I started traveling for work (and fun) by myself, I was terrified about spending several days in another country by myself—just thinking about not having anyone else around made me want to cry! Now that I’m a seasoned traveler and currently living abroad, there’s nothing like the freedom I feel being able to take off all by myself. If you’re anything like me, then solo travel is perfect if you’re looking to experiment with places or just kick-start your travel plans in general. Whether it’s an Airbnb in an airy loft for a few days or camping under a meteor shower somewhere, traveling alone can get your trip going without breaking your bank account.

It Gives You Time to Focus On Yourself

One of my favorite parts of solo travel is that nobody expects anything from me. There’s no social pressure because nobody else is looking—it’s just me! As someone who can sometimes be super awkward socially, being able to express me freely while still feeling comfortable enough to disappear into my own thoughts has been really important in figuring out who I am as a person. It’s great for people who are introverted because they don’t have as many social obligations as extroverted types might face. Sometimes it gets hard when everyone expects something of you.

In addition to being liberating and empowering, solo travel is a way for me personally to spend some time focusing on myself after years of focusing my time and attention on my children and family obligations. If your goal is simply unwinding after months (or years!) on the go then traveling by yourself can serve as an awesome opportunity for self-reflection away from any pressures at home. Not only will you have plenty of personal time to spend learning about other cultures or trying out activities that aren’t touristy, but you’ll also be able to clear your head so that when you return from your travels, it’s all business as usual. Solo travel makes it easier than ever to find yourself again even if you’ve been away awhile.

Have you started your solo travel journey yet? Let me know how you’re doing it by sending an email to, if you’re interested in learning how to get it done, I can help you figure it all out. Cheers!

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