Are You Feeling the Effects of Ascension?

What is this sensation that leaves you feeling drained and lethargic and unable to do anything about it? If the answer isn’t immediately clear, don’t worry. It may be because you’re experiencing the very ‘real’ effects of ascension. Ascension is a state in which one’s consciousness and soul have elevated to a higher level of existence. This process will continue to occur until all human beings reach their full potential. Through this transformation, the human body and soul are shedding their old selves and ascending to the next level of being.

The “energy” most commonly ascribed to this process comes from the energy centers of the body or chakras.

This can cause many physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual changes in people who are experiencing it. Some ascension symptoms include loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches, chest pain, difficulty breathing, ringing in the ears, anxiety, or depression. If you’ve been having abnormal breakouts, unexplained rashes, aches and pains or hot flashes these too may be symptoms.

Another thing people notice when they go through this transformation is not wanting to do anything but sleep. It can be common to feel physically and emotionally drained during ascension.

Ascension is not always easy to recognize

People often attribute these physical symptoms to more common ailments like a cold or aging and go on living with no idea they are experiencing this intense process of transformation. One day you could be feeling very energetic and excited, then the next day you’ll wake up and feel tired all of a sudden; this is another symptom that you may have experienced. Along with exhaustion, you may also feel dizziness or nausea because your body needs to readjust to the changes it’s undergoing in its energy centers.

Financial and creative blocks are some of the most common signs that a person is going through this process. When someone feels stuck or stalled, it’s usually due to resisting change in one or more areas of their lives

Financial and creative blocks are a sign that it’s time to make changes in your life. And until you do, your energy will remain completely off balance.

The way we view life and the world is changing. Those who are going through ascension may have started feeling their lives’ purpose or meaning more intensely. They may be outgrowing relationships and friendships and finding things related to the material world uninteresting. The things that used to be a huge deal no longer matter so much because their perspective has shifted in such a way that they no longer take everything personally.

The ascension process has been happening since the beginning of time. The only difference now is that since our world has been in an intense upheaval, there are so many people on Earth reevaluating what they truly desire. And because of this, the energy has become more and more pronounced and intense. This is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. The next time you feel physically drained or off balance, remind yourself that this is just your body readjusting to its new form of energy and start embracing this new and exciting time in your life.

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