5 Ways to Stay In Alignment Through Anxiety and Doubt

So you want to build your own business?

You’ve been told it’s an uphill battle, but you’re not going to let that get in the way of your dreams. Good for you! But it can be hard at first! And that might make it seem like giving up would be easier than carrying on through all this hard work–which isn’t true! So here are 5 tips to help you stay in alignment through anxiety and doubt.

Stay Focused On What Matters Most

One of the most important things to remember is that you cannot let other people’s opinions or comments affect you. You have to stay focused on what matters, and not let yourself be distracted by BS.

Some people think being an entrepreneur is a glamorous lifestyle, but this isn’t always the case. Successful entrepreneurs work hard and maintain their mental strength in spite of all that comes at them on a daily basis; if you’re one such person then I’m sure it’s worth giving it some thought! Naysayers will say anything about how “it can’t be done” or claim they’ve seen someone do something much better than what you do but don’t let those comments get inside your head either way because nobody knows exactly where success lies except yourself–you have got this!

Prepare For Setbacks And Failures

People often say that success is a result of hard work and determination. This couldn’t be more true for those who start their own business, especially if it’s the first time they’re doing something new on this scale with no experience or knowledge under their belt! It may feel like every day you wake up brings another obstacle–but never give up hope because eventually all obstacles can be overcome when combined with an effort from yourself as well as friends/family members to help you push forward through tough times.

It’s important to have a positive attitude when you’re starting a new business. Never give up and know that no one is perfect—everyone has experienced setbacks and failures. But the best way to overcome these issues is not to give up on your dreams.

To escape fear, you have to go through it, not around it. – Richie Norton

Don’t Let Fear Run Your Life

Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed by fear that it takes over. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a lot of things you can do to break free from your fears and live the life you’ve always dreamed of. One of the things that I found useful was understanding my fear. When you can do this, it helps you live a happier life without letting what scares you, rule you.

Start off small by writing down everything that comes to mind when you think about your biggest fears. Then, look at each item individually and ask yourself what exactly makes you afraid. For example, maybe public speaking makes you nervous because people might judge or criticize your presentation. Once you know where these anxieties come from—i.e., insecurities about one’s ability—it becomes easier to address them head-on rather than just trying to hide them away out of sight.

Now that you’ve identified your fears, it’s time to break free from them. Start by taking a look at your fear list and try to shift your focus away from what it is that makes you nervous. Instead, shift your focus toward why you’re doing whatever it is that you’re nervous about. So if public speaking makes you feel anxious because of a fear of being judged or criticized, shift your focus to how doing a good job will help others or make you proud of yourself. The more positive energy and attention you put into something, the better results you’ll get out of it—even if those results are small changes at first. Small steps lead to a big change! 🙂

If you’re feeling anxious, try checking out these relaxation exercises to help you feel less stressed.

Surrender Your Need For Control

In order to do this, the first thing you need to do is accept that there will always be things that are outside of your control. And no matter how much you try, sometimes the Universe has other plans. The one thing you can control most is your reaction. Don’t be upset that something didn’t pan out, that’s just wasted energy. Focus on what you can do and reframe it as an opportunity. You have no idea what bullet you just dodged.

If you can’t change something, make peace with it. At least you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your energy wasn’t wasted on fighting what was inevitable. It takes courage and great strength of character to accept that things are out of your control and that sometimes there are no mistakes or accidents. You will achieve far more when you are relaxed about what happens next because you won’t spend so much time living in fear or regretting missed opportunities.

The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.  Julia Cameron

Remember Why You Chose This Path

One of the best things about building your own business is that you get to do what you love, work with amazing people and maybe even travel. You started this journey because you wanted to change the world for the better. The most important element of that is keeping your own self-doubts and worries in check and remembering why you started in the first place. It’s easy to lose focus and get caught up in daily routines and responsibilities, especially when you work from home. Taking time to sit back and reflect on your purpose will help keep you on track even when times get tough.

The future is bright and you can’t lose sight of why you’re here and what your mission is. Remembering those things will help to keep you motivated through those moments when all you want to do is give up. Keep pushing towards your goals no matter how tough things get. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but Rome was built by people who kept putting one foot in front of another until that shit got done.

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