5 Ways to Experience Greater Presence

Finding Greater Presence

Being present in your life can be hard, especially if you’re constantly dealing with distractions and too much on your mind. It’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you, not just in the big picture but also in your immediate surroundings. To help you practice greater presence, here are five ways you can practice every day

Open Up to New Experiences

You’ll get nowhere if you’re not willing to get uncomfortable; we only learn when we challenge our perceptions and listen carefully when we feel frustrated by something different from us. It’s normal—even healthy—to be thrown off at first; like anything else worth learning, self-awareness requires facing yourself in all your imperfections.

So, when something unexpected occurs—whether good or bad—ask yourself why you felt uncomfortable instead of simply reacting negatively. You’ll learn what brings out the best in you while offering space for what no longer serves you to flow through you without resistance. Both will make lasting impressions on who you become.

Recognize Your Triggers

Without personal growth, each day would stay exactly as it is. By understanding how certain situations affect you emotionally, you’ll become more aware of how to better handle those situations moving forward—not to mention being able to have genuine empathy for others experiencing them too. Rather than becoming immediately overwhelmed with every trigger that comes up, try asking yourself three questions: What was happening around me? What feeling did I have in the moment? When have I had this feeling before? The answers are bound to present opportunities to show you where you need to heal.

Put Yourself First

It’s never easy putting ourselves first, especially when we’re so used to putting everyone else first. But if we don’t put our needs on our own agenda first then someone else will certainly take advantage of that vulnerability for their benefit. Whenever an opportunity presents itself to invest in something other than your own well-being, take a step back and ask if you’re sure you’re ready for it—and making a different choice could help to strengthen your emotional well-being instead.

You’re On The Right Path

In many ways, travel has taught me it’s OK if sometimes your personal path is completely divergent from the people in your life for extended periods of time. That’s what growth is all about. Travel can be seen as an investment not only in the physical but also a break from emotional enmeshment with those around us. When I left for the Caribbean, I felt free from unnecessary expectations of how I should live my life. For the first time, I was able to decide what I thought would or wouldn’t lead me toward my dreams.

Don’t Worry About What People Think

We all spend so much time looking outwardly for permission and approval. When you give yourself permission to do exactly what makes you happy—even if it seems selfish to people who were used to the old you—you won’t just grow as a person but attract people who want more out of life too.  And isn’t that what we’re all seeking at some level?

Start considering these 5 things and watch as you transform into something amazing. You have nothing to lose except those illusory chains that keep you from being free. Go, explore new places, meet new people, and remember how it feels to be alive and see your truest self. Your smile may surprise them, but at least yours will be genuine.

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