4 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

The first time I woke up and realized that I was living in paradise but never got a chance to enjoy it, I panicked. There was just too much to do, and it seemed like a never-ending cycle of being overwhelmed. But then one day, it just clicked; there are only so many hours in a day – no matter how determined you are and I didn’t start this adventure to become a hermit who sits and stares at a computer screen all day. I needed to learn how to work smarter so that I could start enjoying the benefits of being a digital nomad.

I realized that the more productive I became, the more time I could spend doing things that made me happy. If this sounds all too familiar then let me tell you some tricks I’ve learned about how to work smarter, not harder; after all, who doesn’t want to spend more time doing the things that make them happy, am I right?

Create Daily Rituals

One of the best ways to improve your life is by creating daily rituals. Having a morning routine, for example, will help you feel more relaxed and prepared for every day. I don’t even get out of bed until I’ve meditated in the morning. Schedule time to meditate, do breathwork or yoga. The health benefits are amazing. And when you take the time to connect with yourself on the deepest of levels first thing in the morning you’ll see the amazing results in your mind, body, and soul throughout your entire day.

Get Organized

Organization can make your life so much easier! You’ll be able to find what you need because it won’t be all over the place. I love to use Evernote. My notes and voice recordings are searchable and synced across all my devices. It also helps me keep track of any deadlines and send reminders to myself to stay on top of things! You can use anything from good old-fashioned paper folders up to online project management software. There are so many amazing programs and apps out there, you have no excuse not to be organized.

Don’t Set Goals That Don’t Excite You

It’s important to set goals that will motivate you every day. If your goals don’t excite you, you’ll be less likely to work towards them and more likely to give up. I recommend setting SMART goals. Those are goals that are specific (simple, sensible, significant),  measurable (meaningful, motivating), achievable (agreed, attainable), relevant (reasonable, realistic, and results-based), and time-bound (time-based, time-limited, timely, time-sensitive). It’s so easy to procrastinate, get bored, and be distracted, but you can help yourself with this one simple trick! If you want a SMART goals worksheet, there’s a download link at the end of this blog! Go grab it!

Think Outside the Box

One of the things that I believe will help you succeed is to be resourceful. If you truly want to be the change, you need to start thinking outside the box and stop following what everyone else does. With thousands of apps and programs to make branding, design, marketing, and content creation easy why keep doing things the same old way when there are so many new and exciting ways to be creative? Whether you realize it or not, there are a lot of tools at your disposal that can help you work smarter so that you can do what you came here to do! Which means spending more time doing the things that make you happy. Cheers!

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