Travel Strategy & Event Design

The Awakened Escape


The Awakened Escape is a conscious brand that combines an exceptional destination with authentic experiences to deliver truly meaningful travel. From solo journeys to exclusive events, we help plan life-changing transformation for people who are ready to go beyond the ordinary.

Travel Strategy

A one-of-a-kind opportunity for anyone considering becoming location independent to learn how to plan their travel better by creating a personalized roadmap designed for maximum savings, peace of mind, and hassle-free living.

Event Design

Collaborate to design an event that aligns with your vision and goals—while taking the logistical planning off your plate. Instead of worrying over the details, work with an expert to do what doesn’t excite you so you can focus on what does. 

The Sojournal Blog

Looking for inspiration and tips on travel, event planning, spiritual awakening, and more? The Sojournal has something for everyone!

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